Students in D.A.V

DAV Collegiate

Study Room

D.A.V. is a chain of qualitative institution constantly excelling in the field of modern education. The stress lies on wholesome development of a child by catering to not only the curricular needs but also serves the social Alma meter of including values in our scholars..

Today we stand on the threshold of a new era. Ties have changed and sphere of education is also changing rapidly. keep pace with changing in time and boost our students to remain in forefront of the society. We always remember that one can make his own identity in the world by the dint of hard work, sincerity and commitment to undaunted courage. I wish to see all students on top as their hard work, sincerity and commitment to nation can make them a jewel of Indian crown.

The Campus
D.A.V. day boarding cum residential (a fresh concept in the town as well as in the District) is located at National Highway (Jammu) at the run of mere 8km from city’s heart. The district is first one in state to make others craned to it.. 

D.A.V. (day boarding cum fully residential) has started the concept one of its kind and now we endeavored towards making residential concept happens in district.

It houses ample space to accommodate 500 students. The panorama is too catching by its lush green eco friendly surroundings. Clean and fresh air to breathe lets the child uncoil him. Caring and Motherly attitude of our mad micelles and other faculty members makes them feel that they are in a home away from home..