Welcome to DAV Colligiate School,Lacchipur


    Ours is the institutions always like to serve all sections of society
    1. our startling Kid Akshit Jasrotia stood first in Talk won do competition in District among great group of citadels.
    2. A skates programme had been held during November by Skates accociations of Pathankot at S.D. College. Our scintillating performs grabbed 7 medals in primarey and pre-primary divisions
    3. A very reputed annual test programme hold by macmillian in which our star Kid Bhavesh Bhushan Mahajan beat everyone by standing first
    4. A drawing contest was been conducted for school in collaboration by State Bank Of India for their skill enhancements
    5. A big environmentialist and director of big Sanctuary Jim Corbett National Park conducted a written test in our premises to check out about science awareness among students
    6. A spiritual test was also be conducted by Sant Aasaram Ji Bapu to make students stay intact to their roots and making them spiritually aware
    7. A troop of Senior students went to Basohli to attend a spiritual Cultural and aesthetic programme by'Vishwastali' (an organisation work on Swami Vivekananda principles) performed fervently and back by a great applause
    8. This year our squads :General and Band bagged first prizez like year in band squad
    9. Our enthusiastic troop of 6th Standard Mad Mosills performed in a cultural programme named 'Rangbhoomi' at Ranjit Resorts in new -fangled manner along with other institutions of Kathua and backed fauntily by judges